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Finding the perfect family home involves more than just seeking out a luxurious house in a nice neighborhood; it's about discovering a community that offers an enriching environment for growth, learning, and prosperity. Situated 20 minutes to the northeast of Columbus, the communities of Blacklick and Gahanna represent two such destinations.

Offering an outstanding lifestyle and some of the region's finest high-end real estate, they also provide access to an exemplary educational system, including public and private schools, making them an ideal choice for families prioritizing education.

Below, we explore eight of the top schools in Blacklick and Gahanna.

Public schools

Blacklick and Gahanna are served by Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools, which also covers Jefferson Township in the east-central region of Franklin County. Among the top districts in the Columbus area, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools (GJPS) educates more than 7,900 students across 12 schools, including a pre-kindergarten school, seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and Gahanna Lincoln High School. Through high-quality learning experiences, the district encourages creativity at all grade levels and prepares students for successful futures in college, careers, and beyond. Highlighted below are seven of the district's best institutions.

High Point Elementary School

700 Venetian Way, Gahanna

Located in northeast Gahanna near the shared border with Jefferson Township, High Point Elementary School is considered among the top elementary schools in the region. It serves kindergartners through 5th graders and has been a long-standing cornerstone of local education since opening its doors in 1988. Following a significant addition and renovation in 2023, the school now boasts ten new classrooms, an expanded cafeteria, a new gymnasium, enhanced spaces for art and music, and increased parking.

Jefferson Elementary School

136 Carpenter Road, Gahanna

Located at 136 Carpenter Road, just north of the Gahanna Creekside neighborhood, Jefferson Elementary School opened its doors in 1950, merging three existing schools and becoming a historic part of the Gahanna-Jefferson School District. The school received a complete renovation in 2001, with periodic improvements maintaining the school's focus on providing students with a 21st-century education. It's a continuation of Jefferson's excellence for over seventy years, emphasizing a family-oriented environment that encourages parental involvement and a passion for learning among its students.

Blacklick Elementary School

6540 Havens Corners Road, Blacklick

When it opened its doors in August 1994, Blacklick Elementary School became the first school development in Jefferson Township since the 1940s. Located on Havens Corners Road, just east of the Stepping Stone neighborhood and across the street from Jefferson County Club, the school is named for the Native American heritage of the unincorporated area. Like High Point Elementary, the school underwent an expansion in 2023 that included more classrooms, expanded cafeteria seating, a new gymnasium, and dedicated art and music spaces for its kindergarten through 5th grade classes. As with all of the schools in the Gahanna-Jefferson School District, Blacklick Elementary is committed to a child-centered approach, emphasizing quality work, hands-on learning, and the cultivation of pride in both self and school.

Gahanna Middle Schools West, East and South

West: 350 N Stygler Road, Gahanna

East: 730 Clotts Road, Gahanna

South: 349 Shady Spring Drive, Gahanna

GJPS is fortunate to have three exemplary middle schools serving Gahanna, Jefferson Township, and Blacklick: Gahanna Middle School South, Gahanna Middle School East, and Gahanna Middle School West.

Completed in 1965, Middle School West was the first of the three schools, known initially as Stygler Road Junior High. In 1975, the school shifted its focus to 6th through 8th grades. It is located just west of Big Walnut Creek and is slated for improvement and expansion in the next phase of district improvements.

The same year Middle School West incorporated its first 6th grade classes, Middle School East opened to help accommodate Franklin County's increasing population. Located at the corner of Clotts Road and Riva Ridge Boulevard, adjacent to High Point Elementary, the school underwent a significant expansion project in 2023 to again meet the needs of the growing Gahanna-Jefferson Township-Blacklick community. The project added 25,000 square feet to the school's footprint, with the capacity to accommodate an additional 175 students.

The newest of Gahanna's middle schools, Middle School South, opened in 1992 along Shady Spring Drive in the Hunter's Ridge neighborhood. It is known for its caring staff and commitment to creating respectful, optimistic, accountable, and responsible learners. Like Middle School West, the South School is scheduled for improvements in the near future, similar to those at Blacklick and Middle School East.

Gahanna Lincoln High School

140 S Hamilton Road, Gahanna

The anchor school for the entire Gahanna-Jefferson Districts, Gahanna Lincoln High School, with its historical roots stretching back to 1928, is located at 140 S Hamilton Road. The high school is undergoing a transformative construction project with a new facility scheduled to open in the fall of 2025. The new high school facility is more than an educational institution; developed as a state-of-the-art hub for the community's youth, including an innovative floor plan that centralizes learning spaces, capacity for more than 2,800 students and modern spaces for dining, creative arts, theater and athletics. The high school's new outdoor athletics facility was completed in an earlier round of improvements, and began hosting events in 2023.

Private schools

In addition to its public institutions, several private schools offer Blacklick and Gahanna residents and their children an alternative to the public district setting. Among these is Columbus Academy, considered the best private kindergarten through 12th-grade private school in the Columbus area and among the ten best such schools in Ohio.

Columbus Academy

4300 Cherry Bottom Road, Gahanna

Columbus Academy, a leading coeducational country day school in the U.S., has been nurturing students from age 3 to grade 12 since 1911. Located in northern Gahanna, tucked between the Cherry Bottom neighborhood and Academy subdivisions, the school offers a blend of rigorous academics and diverse extracurriculars. The school champions the country day model, emphasizing a strong home-school partnership and a curriculum that fosters a love for learning. Its Positive Education model prioritizes student wellness across physical, emotional, and intellectual spheres. Columbus Academy, set on a bucolic, 231-acre campus equipped with modern technology, learning labs, art studios, and outdoor classrooms, creates a dynamic environment for hands-on learning and holistic development.

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