What Not To Forget When Buying A Home

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Buying a house is complicated, time consuming, and one of the biggest commitments you can make. You check out the basement, the floors, the roof, and every little thing you (and your REALTOR) can think of, but experts agree there’s one other very important detail many people forget when buying their dream home-the neighborhood!
Whether you’re a lifelong resident of the state or moving across the country, it can be difficult to find a neighborhood that’s right for you. Finding the perfect neighborhood is not only the icing on top of a perfect house, but can make the difference between loving where you live and buyer’s remorse. We’ve assembled a list of some ways to help you better pick your perfect match!


Almost every community in America has an online presence and the tools provided by the neighborhoods can be invaluable. Community websites and tourism boards can help paint a picture of what city services and events you can expect when living in a new city, town, or suburb. You’ll find up to date information about city schools, trash pickups, local activities and so much more on these websites. But don’t forget to look beyond the website! Looking at a potential neighborhood’s social media presence can paint a more dynamic and vibrant portrait of everyday life in that particular community. You’ll also get a sense of community involvement from social media platforms that you might not be able to get from just a website.
If you’re still looking for information about a neighborhood, try an often untapped resource-the local real estate agent! Local REALTOR websites can also be extremely helpful when doing research about a new-to-you area. Many real estate agents’ websites will provide valuable information about neighborhoods where they specialize. In fact, if you’re considering a move to central Ohio you can check out some of our neighborhood guides right here.


Community websites are a great place to start when researching a potential new neighborhood, but there’s nothing like talking to a longtime resident to really understand the ins and outs of any area. If you’re from out of town or have never been to a particular neighborhood before, reach out to family and friends who may have lived there. You can also utilize message boards or community posts on a town’s website or social media.
Asking a local real estate agent can also help. Often these people not only work in the area, but live there as well! Jeff and Neal at Nth Degree have been living and working in central Ohio for over 20 years. As long term residents of the Columbus area they have insider information on every neighborhood! Have a question about a certain suburb near Columbus? Don’t be afraid to reach out to the Jeff and Neal Team!


You’ll get a true sense of a neighborhood (and your potential neighbors) by visiting the community. Little details matter when choosing your forever home and picking out the perfect area to live in is no different. Finding the perfect spot is both qualitative and quantitative. You’ll never get the full picture from just facts and figures OR just anecdotes from residents.
Simply by walking, shopping, and exploring the streets of your potential future locale you can start to form an understanding of what living there might truly look like. Of course, this isn’t always possible but if you get the chance to visit the area surrounding your future home-do it!


Now we all want roofs that don’t leak and foundations that are strong but not everyone has the same checklist when it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood. It’s important to look at your lifestyle and see how your interests are reflected in the neighborhood you’re considering. Ask yourself what you like to do and see if the surrounding community is in tune with that.
Do you lead an active life? Check out neighborhoods with vast green spaces and strong Parks and Recreation departments. Is the foodie life for you? Consider a neighborhood with a focus on new and creative restaurants. Trying to start a raise a family? Always look at the local school district.


Finding the perfect community to settle down in doesn’t have to be the hardest part of finding your dream home, but it definitely has to be part of the conversation! If you’re considering a move to the central Ohio area, call the Jeff and Neal Team at Nth Degree Realty today and these local experts can help you find not only your dream home-but your dream neighborhood.

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