A Senior Resource Guide for Moving in Retirement

The Nth Degree Team


Nearly 64 percent of retirees have moved or plan to move. It’s no wonder, because downsizing in retirement provides an opportunity to save money and improve your quality of life. When shopping for a new home, there are certain criteria to look for and costs you need to consider. In addition to working with a savvy agent at Nth Degree Realty to find the perfect home for retirement, the following resource guide will help clear up some of the confusion when it comes to moving as a senior.

Paring Down Possessions

When you decide to move, it will be critical to declutter and organize your personal possessions so you take only what you need to your new home.

Finding a place to live

When deciding where to move, consider the safety and cost of living in the city you’re interested in as well as the home price you can afford.

Hiring help for the move

Not only is doing a DIY move stressful, it can be downright dangerous for seniors. Hiring professional movers to transport your belongings and even pack and unpack for you will protect you from injury.

Settling in to a new neighborhood

After the move, getting settled can take some getting used to. But with proactive measures, you can make your new house feel like home, and you can get acquainted with your neighbors and your new neighborhood.
Moving as a senior may be stressful, but it’s a great opportunity to find a house that better suits you as you age. It’s also an opportunity to simplify your life, which enables you to have a better plan for aging in place and enjoying your golden years.

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