9 Best Places to Shop in Columbus, OH

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If you're a shopping enthusiast who just can't resist the charm of well-curated stores and one-of-a-kind finds, then Columbus, OH, is the place for you. This gem of a city offers an array of vibrant retail experiences. So whether you're hunting for the perfect outfit, the missing piece in your home decor, or just looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon, shopping in Columbus, OH, has got you covered. With various local markets, high-end boutiques, and modern malls, Columbus shopping offers something for everyone. Perhaps the leading-most destination for first-rate shopping is located inside the highly-desirable neighborhood of Easton, located a quick 15 minutes from the heart of Downtown Columbus.

This popular community offers a mix of attractions and amenities. Home to an unforgettable comedy club, luxury hotels, top-of-the-line spas, a variety of cozy cafes, upscale bistros, charming boutiques, and high-value real estate, Easton is one of Columbus’s most lucrative neighborhoods.

1. Unearth treasures at Easton Town Center

First on our list is the well-known Easton Town Center. This modern, open-air market is more than a shopping destination; it's an experience. With a range of luxury brands, local boutiques, and top-of-the-line retailers, you're bound to find something special here — not to mention the fantastic eateries where you can refuel between shopping sprees. Shoppers have their pick of a wide range of high-end brands, from Nordstrom and Gucci to Louis Vuitton, Aritzia, and leading tech giant Apple.

2. Art meets commerce at Short North

Unleash your artistic side at the Short North Arts District. It's not just a neighborhood; it's a vibrant community. Known for its galleries, artisan shops, and boutique clothing stores, Short North is where creativity and community meet. Discover the beating heart of Columbus here, from attending galas showcasing works from talented local artists to supporting small businesses by joining yoga classes and discovering new restaurants with tasting tours.

Shopping abounds in Short North and is just a quick commute away for Easton residents. Retail enthusiasts have access to numerous shops, both chain and locally owned, including floral shops, jewelers, boutiques, and more.

3. Discover unique finds at Tigertree

Step into Tigertree for a shopping experience unlike any other. This quaint shop offers a unique blend of new and vintage clothing, accessories, and home goods that will spark your interest. This charming gift shop boasts a range of cards and letter accessories created by independent artists, ideal for presents for loved ones or special occasions.

4. Shop local at The East Market

If you appreciate local produce and artisanal products, you'll love The East Market. Located in the Historic Trolley District, this market is a hub for local vendors offering a variety of handmade goods and unique items. Enjoy fresh meats, Louisiana-style cuisine, street fare, indoor house plants, and more as you wind your way through the market’s vendor stalls. For those looking for a chance to get involved in the community, the market plays host to a variety of events, including trivia, live music, and movies.

5. Step back in time at Flower Child

For those who love all things retro, visiting Flower Child is a must. This vintage store is a treasure trove of mid-century furniture, clothing, and more. The eclectic and quirky displays light up the store with vibrant colors and patterns, making for an extremely interesting walkthrough.

6. Experience a retail adventure at Polaris

For a full day of retail therapy, head to Polaris Fashion Place for a top-tier experience. Here, you’ll find a range of fashion-forward storefronts like Cabela’s, Lane Bryant, Saks Fifth Avenue, Duluth Trading, Henri’s Cloud Nine, and more. Find stunning jewelry pieces at Jared and Krysty Designs Fine Jewelry, or head to the Changes Salon Spa for a refreshing time.

7. Explore German Village at The Red Stable

Immerse yourself in local culture at The Red Stable. Located in the historic German Village, it's a delightful store offering a mix of local souvenirs and unique gifts, making it the perfect stop for those seeking gifts for loved ones.

8. Celebrate Artisan Craft at Helen Winnemore's

Helen Winnemore's is the oldest craft gallery in the United States. If you appreciate handmade crafts and unique art pieces, this store is a must-visit. From ceramics and paintings to jewelry, stained glass, and everything in between, this store’s selections are sure to impress.

9. Level up your decor at Nth Degree Interiors

If you’re seeking a truly glamorous space in your luxury home, look no further than the interior design services at Nth Degree. With awe-inspiring design and unrivaled attention to detail, Nth Degree is ready to furnish your space with only the finest. Look to Nth Degree for high-end furnishings, gorgeous home decor and accessories, and impressive wall decor to create an alluring space with elegant lighting elements that highlight everything your home has to offer. Not only that, but their custom bedding, pillows, window treatments, and flooring truly set a tone of luxury.

Savvy shopping tips

Making a list of your needs

It's always a good idea to take stock of what you already have before heading out on a shopping trip. This way, you can pinpoint what's missing and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Follow your joy

Shopping isn't just about necessity; it's also about pleasure. Only buy items that truly spark joy and align with your style.

Prioritize quality over quantity

While it's tempting to snatch up every bargain in sight, focusing on the quality of the items you buy can lead to longer-lasting, more satisfying purchases.

The value of purchasing second-hand

Consider exploring second-hand shops or vintage stores. You never know what unique, high-quality items you might discover.

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